Why Move?

Why Move ?

  1. Simplicity: The Move contract language has an easy-to-understand syntax that is easy to learn and use. It has a syntax and type system based on the Rust language, which makes it suitable for use by Rust programmers.

  2. Easy Extensibility and Community Support:One of the design goals of the Move contract language is to provide extensibility. It supports modular programming, allowing developers to break code into smaller modules, thus improving maintainability and reusability of code.

  3. Security: One of the design goals of the Move contract language is to provide a highly secure environment for writing and executing smart contracts. It protects against some common vulnerabilities and attacks by using several security features, such as resource ownership and strong type checking.

Why Sui?

  1. Special Consensus: No transaction causal sorting for transactions that change ownership of execution resources, thus significantly improving transaction parallelism and large-scale processing.

  2. High-level upper-level business friendliness: The bottom layer implements some features that shift the complexity to the bottom layer to make the upper layer more business friendly

1-Support batch transactions

2-Support different types of transaction sponsorship

3-Object-based global storage is more convenient for data indexing


  1. Special storage design: Separate execution costs from storage Storage requires a deposit, and destruction of storage is returnable