An integrated platform linking users and developers

Co-definition, co-creation, co-distribution.

License: BSL-2.0

Why Obelisk?

Obelisk reimagines build system techniques used by Move and Rust to remove maintenance burden and overhead.

Round robin voting

Dig up the projects you are interested in and vote through the platform!.

Receive a digital identity

Receive your first digital world identity through the platform

Hackathon Quick Start

Build your project with a quick start by setting up a platform hackathon.

Autonomous World List

A permanent record of every Autonomous World.

Course calculation system

Take courses that interest you and interact with your classmates!

Non-stop activities

Check the latest and historical events through the events section of the platform.

Expand Donation

View project information by expanding the details and donate to a project you think has potential.

Fan Subscription

Choose the project you are interested in and fund them experimentally.

Community Grant

Get community support through the platform and start the road to growth.

The new full-chain digital world

Starting out, any project from 0-1 is a tough phase, but it's okay to choose obelisk and we'll support you!

If you need support from early community members, and financial help you can contact us we will stay online waiting for your letters, we strongly believe that the next phase of web3 will be a different kind of on-chain world if you have the same idea. If you have the same idea, please contact us as soon as possible and let's build a digital world on the chain together.

We need something else.

Of course, if you are a digital lurker, you are welcome to join our community and build a digital world together with the digital world builders.



Founder of Obelisk Labs