Building Full-chain Digital World

Obelisk is an engine for building a full-chain digital world.

License: BSL-2.0

Faster Than Fast

Crafted by the creators of Obelisk Labs, Obelisk delivers unparalleled performance at scale.


With Move





with Cairo




Why Obelisk Engine?

Built through modularity,Obelisk provides a fast and flexible development experience for apps of any size..

Growth Design

Quick start on Move and Sui with obelisk engine build.


Anyone can quickly get started building on it.

Lightning fast

Rapidly build production-grade standard projects with the Rust toolchain and static move language.

Server Plugins

With ecological third-party plug-ins ready to be developed without a license.

Modular build

Build your own digital world with combinable blocks like Lego blocks.

Rust support

The engine is partially composed of components through the rust tool chain.

Let's move
the web forward

It's time to make a new start for the Web3 ecosystem, which has become an essential protocol component of the web with over a trillion dollars in uniswap transactions.

The early members of the team generally have more than years of experience in the industry, from chain development to different eco-contract development, standards contribution and core front and back-end engineers and designers..

We are excited to introduce obelisk Engine, developed by Obelisk labs and now open sourceーーwe are happy to share it with you..

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Leader of Obelisk Engine