What’s Obelisk Engine?

Obelisk Engine is a framework for ambitious Move applications. It compresses the complexity of building Move apps with a tightly integrated software stack.

Obelisk Engine is currently in beta. It is not yet ready for production use. We appreciate your support and feedback as we work to make it ready for everyone.

What Obelisk Engine isn't

  • Obelisk Engine is not a rollup or a chain: it’s a set of libraries and tools that work well together to build onchain applications.
  • Obelisk Engine is not specific to Sui Mainnet: It works on any Move-compatible chains. Solana,Sui,Aptos,Starcoin,Rooch you name it.
  • Obelisk Engine is not just for Autonomous Worlds and Onchain Games, although it has been a framework of choice in that community.
  • Obelisk Engine doesn’t force a data model onto the developer (ie: not just EPS): anything you can do with flat Move mappings and arrays, you can do with Obelisk Engine.

Next Steps

Want to learn more about Obelisk Engine? Here's a deep dive on what we think makes it special.