We've got big plans for Obelisk. Here's what we're aiming for in the future:

Move Entity Protocol System Framework

We're planning to build a first-class integration with Svelte to let Turbopack power the next generation of SvelteKit applications.

Move Entity Protocol System Library SDK

Lightweight TS client SDK for interacting with on-chain EPS framework!

Service Plugins

  1. Indexer :: Indexer reduces EPS events to a single "current" state for fast snapshot client synchronization

  2. stream :: Subscription events [Multiplexer for receiving subscriptions to current transaction data, EPS events for each transaction, and transaction initiation data

  3. relay :: Message Relay [generic message relay, support for signed messages, server-side signature verification, relay conditions to prevent DDoS, etc.]

  4. storage :: Storage Repeater [Sequence/Deserial data storage to memory on chain

  5. sponsored :: Sponsorship transaction [Generic GAS DATA OBJECT generated for GAS/whole transaction fee

  6. faucet :: faucet, faucet [faucet supports custom drip amounts, global limits, Twitter verification, and integration with engine components


Generate project templates, deploy project contracts, and other tools on the command line.