Getting started

Getting started


  1. git (download (opens in a new tab))
  2. sui-test-validator (download (opens in a new tab))
  3. node.js (v17+) (download (opens in a new tab))
  4. pnpm (npm install pnpm --global after installing node)


Most projects in Obelisk are started by running pnpm create obelisk <project name>, but for this tutorial we've included some initial code to get you up and running quicker. This includes React components and base TailwindCSS styles.

To get started you can fork or clone from the Constantinople starter kit repo (opens in a new tab) or use the command below.

git clone https://github.com/0xobelisk/constantinople.git

Afterwards, run the following commands to install the dependencies and start up Obelisk's services (anvil node, contracts deployer, and client):

cd constantinople && pnpm install
pnpm run dev

If all went well you should see this in your command line.

After deployment is successful, pop over to http://localhost:3000 (opens in a new tab) and checkout your live app. At this point you can open up your code editor and get started!