Project setup

Project setup

To start off let’s create your Obelisk project from a template by running the following pnpm command.

pnpm create obelisk

When you execute this command you will be taken to the command line interaction page, where there are two main interaction steps.

Step 1. Input your projectName.

At the beginning we will be asked to enter the name of the project and the command line will create a project with the same name based on the name you enter.

For demonstration purposes, we'll define it here as my_first_project

Step 2. Pick your platform.

At this point you will see the option of choosing a template—as of writing the three options are 101, nextjs, cocos.

For the sake of this tutorial any of them works, but examples from the 101 template will be used here.

Start my first 101 project

After selecting your template you can run the app by switching into the project directory (cd my_first_project)

  1. install node modules
pnpm install
  1. starting the development server
pnpm run dev
# If you don't have a local node environment configured,
# you can also start it with the docker environment.
pnpm run dev:docker

Once the project has been successfully launched, please open http://localhost:3000 in your browser and enjoy your first obelisk project!